I’ve said before that a quilt is the perfect baby gift. That said, all families are different and all blankets are not created equal. That sweet pastel quilt you fell hard for might not work for your funkier friends–you know, the ones who actually dare to keep all their restored mid-century furniture with children. (At least for now.)

Enter the gorgeous  handmade modern baby quilts from Nashville-based Twiggy and Opal, which I’m betting will be a hit with the mod crowd.

Shop owner Jayne Willis makes every piece by hand, letting her instinct guide her style decisions as her inspiration pours in from her own children. At first glance you may see what looks like standard old school quilting patterns in bright playful colors, but dig a little deeper and you’ll find some straight up sassy geometric coolness going down.


Handmade modern quilt from Twiggy and Opal on Etsy

Handmade modern rainbow quilt | Twiggy and Opal

Handmade modern lap quilt | Twiggy and Opal on Etsy

Twiggy and Opal peach handmade modern baby quilt | Cool Mom Picks

There are clearly some mad skills at work here. And while not every single design or color scheme is exactly my style, there are plenty that make me wonder just which cool couple I know with a new baby on the way.

I am especially head-over-heels for the hand-dyed quilt (at very top), with its cool gray border and rocking pink diamond party happening inside. Personally I’d want one made in an adult size for my own room, not the nursery. And fortunately, Jayne takes custom orders. Because I can be really picky.

Shop the modern baby quilts and more  Twiggy and Opal on Etsy. The baby quilts run around $65-150 depending on the design.

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