When you have a kid losing a tooth, whether it’s the first or the fifteenth, you know how special it can be. Maybe that’s why I’ve always had a thing for tooth fairy pillows, and the lovely, affordable handmade ones from AppleWhite on Etsy just made me get excited for my youngest to start turning her beliefs into dollar bills.

(Yes, our tooth fairy offers a dollar. Just one. I know she can probably get kicked out of Brooklyn for that, but tough.)

The pillows are shaped like the sweetest cottages, homes, and even teepees, should you have a child who prefers something a little less “pretty.” What I think kids will love best though is the tiny secret door with a tiny pocket inside containing a little poem to leave for old TF.

Tooth fairy pillows handmade by AppleWhite

Handmade Tooth Fairy Pillow with secret door and pocket

Handmade pink tooth fairy pillow by AppleWhite


Tooth fairy pillows handmade by AppleWhite on Etsy

Tooth fairy pillow teepees with hidden doors and pocket

Oh who am I kidding; what they’ll love best is the proof in the morning that magic does exist. Still, the pillows are  close second.

Find lovely handmade tooth fairy pillows at AppleWhite on Etsy. For $5 you can also have them personalized in one of three fonts.

For more tooth fairy traditions and ideas, we have lots!

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