There are different levels of coffee geekery, from grocery store grounds¬†to K-cup fans, to the Starbucks obsessed¬†to my beloved Chemex and the luxurious, gourmet, single-origin beans to which I owe much of my sanity and creative output. So I’m¬†excited to introduce a monthly coffee subscription that makes it super easy to get great coffee at a great price without too much thought. S

Somewhere between Folgers and Tonx is Regular Coffee, and I will say it’s better than regular.


Regular Coffee subscription box | Cool Mom Picks

Regular Coffee¬†selects a quality blend of fresh coffee beans from around the world, roasts them in Grand Rapids, Michigan, packages a month’s worth of whole beans into a 1.5 pound tube, and ships them to your door. It’s that simple. For $30, you can¬†make about 2.5 cups per day, which is evidently the average American’s consumption.

(Note: I¬†am laughing uncontrollably and muttering about 2.5 cups per day and “barely awake” and “don’t they know I have children and deadlines?”)

Regular Coffee subscription: How much you need

While you do¬†have to grind your own beans, the process is spectacularly easy and results in a smooth, balanced cup of Columbian coffee that I can totally recommend if it’s anything like the one I sampled. Especially since you can make it with whichever method¬†you prefer, including¬†a regular old drip coffee maker.

So how does it taste compared to, well, regular coffee?

My husband buys cheap coffee at the store for his Mr. Coffee, mainly because he knows that I’ll bite his arm off if he touches my Chemex. So when I replaced his canister of no-name beans with ground Regular Coffee (a reversal of the famous old Folger’s ads), it was super fun to watch him scent the air, smack his lips, and gulp down three cups in a row.

“What’d you do to the coffee?” he asked, and I said, “Nothing. It’s just Regular Coffee.”

“But it tastes really expensive,” he said. And I just smiled. Because it’s really not.

I’m sticking to the exotic stuff myself, but he’s already asked for more Regular.

Subscribe to the Regular Coffee monthly coffee subscription box at their website. Subscriptions are $30 per month for a tube. Also read their about page because it will make you love them.