They may not get filled with anything more exotic than ice water, but a new travel series SIGG water bottle for kids will get your brood thinking about far-away places while they sip. With six different cities represented in the series there is bound to be a little wanderlust around the lunch table once school is back in session.

The Paris bottle is parfait for little Francophiles. Or let them pick from London, Shanghai, Switzerland, Germany, and New York City bottles, all illustrated with iconic images from the location.While there is a boy and girl version of each bottle, starring either “Max” or “Ruby” (oddly) on the front, the color scheme and illustrative style of the drawings are pretty gender neutral.


SIGG water bottles for kids - new travel series

The small drawstring backpack the water bottle comes with is a nice add-on, especially since it features a neat map print to correspond with the city. New York’s map may not be to scale, but I love the little Freedom Tower peeking out from downtown, in anticipation of its completion.

Like the other SIGG bottles we’ve come to love and trust over the years–especially since every single part is BPA free after a hiccup a while back–these .4L aluminum bottles are easy for small hands to hold and feature about the best spill-proof top of any kids’ water bottle. Especially with that little cover that closes to keep the drinking nozzle clean. Because even if we know where our kids are, we can never be sure of all the germs the water bottle may visit over the course of a day.

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