Sometimes a quote just speaks to you, and these decidedly non-cheesy, very cool inspirational quotes (geez, that phrase really is getting a bad name) come courtesy of illustrator and hand-letterer Noel Shively. I’m trying to figure out just what project we could hire him for, since his sensibility is so fresh and optimistic but still with the slightest edge that keeps it from being flowery or trite.

Maybe it’s the project of “I’d like to frame one of these and hang it somewhere.” That would work.


Create opportunities | Noel Shiveley Illustration


You can find just a few of of his designs for sale via Society 6 including the two prints shown below. But who knows, maybe if you contact him he could create a print of something you love that’s shown on his tumblr.

Life was meant for good friends and great adventure | Noel Shiveley print

Why we love - Noel Shiveley Print on Society 6

Also? Noel is 22. We can’t wait to see what he does after he’s had time to experience even more of life’s adventures.

See more of this California artist and hand letterer’s inspirational work at the  Noel Shiveleley tumblr

[h/t thedsgnblog]