Okay, I know it isn’t 1984 and Madonna isn’t the world’s biggest style icon, but I must confess that I’ve started showing my bra straps again. And not in the “I-have-a-baby-feeding-from-my-boobs” kinda way. And here I must¬†confess that our staff is entirely split on this premise, and some feel that¬†perhaps bras still should actually remain¬†undergarments that actually go…you know, under a garment. However if you know you’re going to have bras peeping out of your tanks or sundresses (whether you mean¬†to or not), consider the¬†gorgeously colorful Matchy Matchy bra straps¬†as a way to do it with a little more style.

When I first heard about Matchy Matchy, I was also a little wary of the concept. But then I started thinking that if ¬†my bra straps are going to peek out anyway, why shouldn’t I at least do better than some¬†scruffy beige swath of elastic with lint on them? (Not that I know anything about that.)


Matchy Matchy bra straps

It’s not all about the straps though. The¬†Matchy Matchy bra is actually a¬†convertible t-shirt bra that the founder spent much time designing to fit perfectly under that everyday staple. I do have to say that the underwire and foam-lined contour cups made my boobs look pretty spectacular in a regular Gap tee. ¬†I also love that you can make the straps criss-cross to be worn underneath racerback tops, too. The bras come in three smart neutral shades as well as black and are reasonably priced for the quality at $39.

One quibble:¬†The bras only go up to a size 36C. And hello? It’s not just the small-cupped among us who like to rock a t-shirt, so hopefully they’ll add more sizes soon.

As for the bra straps, they come in a rainbow of colors–30, in fact–so you truly can match them with any favorite top or dress. My favorites are a greyish purple called Dusk (pictured) and Tanzanite, a navy blue that would look great with jeans. The straps come with a delicate little Swarovski crystal and om their own are $22 a pair; but if you buy a bra, you can add¬†a pair for just $5. Now that’s a bahgain! Seriously, since I’ve tried mine, I’ve been wearing this bra pretty much non-stop.

Colorful mix and match bra straps from Matchy Matchy

I do admit that at this stage of my life, I’m still not fully comfortable walking out the door with¬†my bra straps hanging¬†out intentionally–maybe you cool 20-something moms feel differently. But thanks to Matchy Matchy, at least I’m not embarrassed when they happen to peek out on their own. In fact, I kind of like it. Don’t tell anyone.

 Shop Matchy Matchy bras and bra straps online at Matchy Matchy. Thanks to the company for providing a sample for review.