We’ve all found that one dirty, stinky water bottle lost at the bottom of a kid’s backpack after a week of non-use, right? (At least I hope I’m not the only one.) Well, I’ve found Bottle Bright, an incredible solution from an incredible company that can take any water bottle from ew, I don’t even want to open the lid status to brilliantly clean with pretty much no effort on my part. In fact,  once I tried it I knew it would be downright cruel of me not to share it.

If you’re not yet familiar with the joys of Bottle Bright, it’s an eco-friendly, chlorine-free (Yay, no bleach!), biodegradable, all-natural tablet. All you have to do to make a dirty water bottle delightfully clean is drop in a tablet and wait a few minutes. Seriously. That’s it. In fact, they worked so well for me the first time I used them that I set about washing every single water bottle in the house, including the one that had been accidentally left behind in my fridge filled with a smoothie.

With a slightly longer soak time, but no other effort from me, even that disgusting thing came out like new. Now that’s my kind of cleaning. Behold this lovely before/after shot:

Bottle Bright cleansing tablets: Before and after

It’s also perfect for baby bottles, travel cups (like the one you left in the car for a whole weekend with half a latte in it – oops) coffee mugs, stained tea cups, you name it.

If that weren’t enough, I love that Bottle Bright was created by a social enterprise called Clean Ethics, who match your purchase with donations of the product to people in developing countries who need access to clean drinking water containers. There is nothing not to love here.

Get your own Bottle Bright tablets from our affiliate Amazon or learn more at CleanEthics.com. And how’s this for eco-cool: They even come in a compostable pouch.