I find it’s always a good idea to have a few nice hostess gifts stashed away in the hall closet in case of  last-minute dinner party invitations or weekend plans. I do this with kids’ birthday presents too, and it makes life so much easier. We’ve covered lots of cool hostess gifts, and now I’m adding to the list these pretty handmade ceramics by Elizabeth Benotti at Etsy, which are so original and fun, a little funky, and simple. I think so many of my friends would love them.


Elizabeth Benotti handmade rainy day teacup

Hostess gift ideas from Elizabeth Benotti: Ceramic hanging planters

Elizabeth Benotti ceramic sketched white bowl

Hostess gift idea: Arrow tail nesting tray by Elizabeth Benotti | Cool Mom Picks

Elizabeth Benotti’s graphic style is fresh and modern, and I love that they’re not too precious or twee.Even the fabulous rainy cloud teacup (maybe our favorite of all) will brighten up anyone’s day.

Order a hostess gift — or any gift — from Elizabeth Benotti Handmade Ceramics on Etsy and make a great impression.