Mornings can be a bit rough in our house. For my three-year-old, getting the right shoe on the right foot (or left foot, as it were) can add even more chaos to a stressful situation so I’m thanking the foot gods for the new personalized preschool shoe labels from Emily Press, the same folks who brought us the adorable reusable, dishwasher-proof labels that I use on all of my kids’ food storage items.

As for the shoe labels, they’re made to help take out the guesswork, while giving little ones a feeling of accomplishment. Look closely and you’ll see that when they’re put together, they’re like two halves that create a whole image which is so much smarter than an R or L for kids who are still learning the difference. They’re waterproof and super durable, a good thing since my little guy hasn’t met a rock that he doesn’t want to jump over. They’ve also helped him immensely with figuring out left from right. And of course, he loves seeing his name in them.


Emily Press personalized preschool shoe labels help kids tell right from left

For the most bang for your buck, check out the Preschool Labels Pack, which comes with 100 different labels, including the shoe labels. The images definitely skew to the young side (think giraffes, ladybugs, hippos and dump trucks with very cutesie typography), so if you’re looking for a label for your second  grader, the First Class Label Pack will be more your speed.  There’s also a cute selection of more sophisticated shoe labels for older kids, like  skulls, stars and camouflage, once they’ve graduated from gingham. And from needing those right shoe / left shoe hints.

The preschool shoe labels  are $11.95 for a set of 18 or you can get the Preschool Labels Pack, which has 100 labels (including 18 shoe labels), for $33.95 online at Emily Press.

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