EDITORS’ NOTE (Jan, 2015): We suggest you read our postscript below, as well as the comments beneath this post, if you have arrived at this page with intent to order from Elizabeth Anne Boots.

The overwhelming number of complaints regarding customer service, lack of communication, egregious shipping delays, and failure to provide refunds in any prompt manner (if at all) compels us to completely rescind our recommendation of this company. 


While we’re still swooning over the cross body phone cases we found for carrying around our precious smart phones, hands free, along comes another brilliant solution: The new boots with a pocket for a cell phone by Elizabeth Ann. Cleverly called Elizabeth Anne’s Purse N’ Boots (get it?) they conceal a trio of little pockets for your phone, credit card, driver’s license, cash–whatever you might want to stash for a night out. Or even for the day; use them as a wallet, keeping your hands free to lug your kids’ stuff around instead.

There are five styles, including a chic English riding boot and a handsome lace-up combat boot in black. They’re so popular, they’re flying off the site–if you have a fave, grab it now.




Elizabeth Anne European style riding boots with pocket inside for a cell phone


Elizabeth Anne Rogue boots with pocket inside for a cell phone

Elizabeth Anne cowboy boots with pocket inside for a cell phone
Elizabeth Anne boots have a hidden pocket inside for a cell phone

Considering I’ve seen quite a few women (ahem, our editor Liz) tuck their phones into the tops of their boots when out and about, this is super smart. That said, Elizabeth Anne boots will run you in the $270-300 range with the current discount, so they’re definitely a splurge. In other words you’d better like them even without the pocket.

As for fit, I can’t speak to how tight they are through the calf, where you need to get the phone in and out, because I haven’t had a chance to see them in person yet. Luckily their site offers a 100%  guarantee for 365 days after purchase. I think that could make them worth a try.


Edited to add, 2015: We’ve received so many complaints from readers about delayed shipping times, and seriously flawed customer service that we cannot in good conscience recommend that you order from this company. 

We have had a conversation with Emilie, who suggests anyone with issues contact her at the email address on the Elizabeth Anne website–info@elizabethanneshoes.com–which she claims is preferable to a phone call. It is also listed below in comments. That said, numerous readers have expressed the lack of communication so it should be your first step if you are having issues, but not your last. 

Per the FTC’s Internet Shopping refund law which went into effect in December, 2014,  it is prohibited for companies to solicit “mail, Internet, or telephone order sales unless they have a reasonable basis to expect that they can ship the ordered merchandise within the time stated on the solicitation or, if no time is stated, within 30 days. The Rule further requires a seller to seek the buyer’s consent to the delayed shipment when the seller learns that it cannot ship within the time stated or, if no time is stated, within 30 days. If the buyer does not consent, the seller must promptly refund all money paid for the unshipped merchandise.”

The prompt refund is described specifically as within 7 days.

According to the Consumer FTC Site, the best action to take if you pay for products that don’t arrive:

1. contest the charge with your credit cards
2. contact state and local consumer protection offices (Here is a USA list)
3. file a complaint with the FTC at 1-877-FTC-HELP or use this form
4. file a complaint with the better business bureau.

Here is the current BBB page for Elizabeth Anne shoes, which now receives an F rating in part for 50 filed complaints in less than a year, unresolved complaints, and failure to respond to several complaints at all.

Here is the Facebook page for Elizabeth Anne Shoes Lawsuit

*It does seem that those who file with the BBB are getting their refunds most quickly.

We hope this is helpful.

We are of course terribly sorry for any inconvenience. One of our own staff members is still waiting for her own order after months, and she’s as frustrated as anyone.