My mother came over this week with a handful of beautiful green ombre buttons, but they had a darkness to them. As she pinned one to each of my children, she explained that these were the new Milton Glaser Earth Buttons, a graphical show of solidarity he’s created in the fight against global warming.

However the design legend (ever seen an I ♥ NY logo?) is making a point with this effort that it’s not actually global warming at all we’re talking about–it’s the planet, dying. A  more severe concept than “climate change” to be sure. So he’s created an icon to represent the effort, with the hopes we start changing the language and actually fixing the problem.


Milton Glaser earth buttons: #ItsNotWarming It's Dying

The buttons are part of an entirely nonprofit effort with all the proceeds put back into making and distributing more buttons.  If you click to the site, you’ll see a quick animation that brings it to life in a way that might make you–and your kids–start to talk about what’s happening to our planet in a whole new way.

Also, thanks Grandma. We’ll see you at the Climate Change March on Sept 21, wearing our buttons.

Order the Milton Glaser #ItsNotWarming buttons at five for $5. You’re also encouraged to share images of yourself wearing the buttons and tag with the hashtag #ItsNotWarming. (Please forgive the lack of apostrophe; hashtags don’t play nicely with punctuation.)

Read more about it on Dezeen.