It’s a good thing when a new snack bar helps you feed your own children healthfully, but it’s even better when it also helps you feed a hungry child. NOURI is a new snack bar company with a big social mission to help end hunger. For every bar that you buy, the good folks at NOURI donate a portion of the proceeds to their charity partners actively working to get meals into the hands of children in need. NOURI healthy snack bars are pretty tasty, but contributing to this effort makes them even sweeter.

NOURI healthy snack bars come in Apple Cinnamon Spice, Chocolate and Creamy Cashew, and Peanut Butter and Wild Cherry flavors. All three are made with organic ingredients (local to where NOURI bars are made), and are vegan and gluten-free. Nothing on the ingredients list will have you guessing. NOURI bars are packed with wholesome ingredients like dates, hemp protein, pumpkin seeds, vanilla extract, and agave nectar.


NOURI healthy snack bars help feed a child in need with your purchase

NOURi: New healthy snack bars on a mission to feed hungry children in need

My boys and I especially love the Chocolate and Creamy Cashew bars, which are on their list of requested back to school snacks thanks to a super chocolatey flavor without a whole coating of the stuff. The Peanut Butter and Wild Cherry bars are also a surprise hit. We weren’t sure from the sound of it, but the combination totally works, with sweet cherries balancing out salty peanut butter.

Surprisingly, we weren’t huge fans of the Apple Cinnamon Spice. Although typically a winning flavor, the boys and I found this bar a little dry and overly sweet in the way that dried apples can be. Just not our thing, I guess, which is no problem with two other delicious choices.

NOURI has provided over 18,500 meals to children in need so far on four continents. I especially love that they combine a global approach with local action. In addition to providing meals in Guatemala, Kenya, Botswana, and the Phillipines, NOURI has also fed children in the United States where we, sadly, have a growing problem with child hunger. Their impact goal for 2014 is to reach 100,000 children and, if you like the taste of their healthy snack bars, helping them is as easy as eating them up, one by one. Snack money well spent, if you ask me.

You can buy these tasty healthy snack bars in packs of 9 for $29.99 (plus shipping except for orders over $50) from the online store on the NOURI website.