The end of summer is sad enough, but it’s also left behind a bunch of shiny new sun spots on my face even though I smeared on so much sunscreen all season long. The good news is that I found a relatively easy fix in the Lumene skincare line. Their new Bright Now Visible Repair Tone Corrector and Time Freeze Targeted Spot Corrector just might save me (and you) a costly and time-sucking visit to the dermatologist.

I’ve been using Bright Now every day under my moisturizer to give my skin a nice pick-me-up, and it’s working really well. It’s true, there are definitely some good dark spot solutions already on the market, but the combinations of high antioxidants and essential fatty acids in Lumene’s products set them apart from other brands. And they don’t have parabens, fragrance or synthetic colorants either. Score.

Bright Now contains a fatty acid called octadecanoic acid, which safely brightens the skin and helps regulate the production of melanin. Plus, it has a nifty stem cell technology to help boost the skin’s natural levels of hyaluronic acid–the stuff that makes it look young and plump. Topped off with a super helpful light-diffusing pigment that tricks people into thinking your skin is naturally glowy, and well, I’m sold.

If you’re looking to target specific spots, Time Freeze gets a huge round of applause, especially since it works double-duty like some of my other favorite time-saving beauty products. It lightens and brightens, using arctic lingonberry (yes, lingonberry) extract which is full of natural antioxidants. And since Time Freeze contains SPF 30, it will hopefully help keep new sun spots from coming up. Yes, you need that protection even in the winter, mamas.

Brighten up your skin for fall with these two sun damage corrector products from Lumene. Find both Lumene Bright Now Visible Repair Tone Corrector ($24.99) and Time Freeze Targeted Spot Corrector ($24.99) online at Ulta.

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