Around here we’ve kind of got a thing for shoes (if you haven’t noticed) and so we’ve always loved buying shoes for our babies¬†as much as we do shoes for ourselves. The cuteness factor is just off the charts; one look at teeny little sneakers and soft, squishy boots from our favorite brands¬†we know just what to get the pregnant mamas on our team in a few months. And now we have a new brand to add add to our list of favorites.

We’re thrilled to introduce you to our newest¬†partner Friendly Rooster¬†(how cute is that) and their fantastic¬†Share Your Love of Shoes initiative, which donates¬†a pair of the very cute, very well-made Tip Toey Joey shoes for every pair purchased from their shop. And trust us when we say it’s not hard finding a pair¬†you’ll adore. ¬†(And psst…don’t miss some of the awesome sale shoes they have right now!)

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Lots of cute baby shoes at Friendly Rooster

Based locally in¬†Charlotte, North Carolina, Friendly Rooster offers a slew of cool, stylish shoes for babies and toddlers that are developmentally appropriate, which means good things for little growing feet. But we especially love that¬†they support a wonderful cause; when you buy a pair, they’ll¬†give a pair of shoes to a baby in need through two awesome charities–Room to Grow, which offers support and resources to low-income families through their child‚Äôs first three years, and My Stuff Bags Foundation, where children rescued from dangerous home environments receive care.

There are so many choices of cute Tip Toey Joey baby shoes, we took a little time to narrow it down to a few of our own¬†favorites for you, that we think are perfect¬†for fall…lucky little kids.



Cute baby shoes: Goofy sneaker at Friendly Rooster For every day wear, Goofy sneakers¬†are totally misnamed. There’s nothing goofy about them.¬†You’ll find them¬†categorized¬†for baby boys, but we think any little kid would look super cute rocking¬†these

¬† Cute baby shoes: Funky sneaker at Friendly Rooster Right on trend with the printed fabrics we’re seeing this year, the¬†Funky sneaker is on high our list. Pretty awesome, right?

Cute baby shoes for holiday: Blumy mary janes by Tip Toey Joey If you’re already thinking holiday,¬†aren’t these Blumy Baby Mary Jane shoes absolutely gorgeous? The natural rubber sole keeps early walkers sturdy, the padded insole is comfy whatever the weather and the style?¬†These will be available on 9/22, which is plenty of time for holiday photos.


Cute baby shoes: Dolly Mary Jane at Friendly Rooster We’re suckers for houndstooth, and these Dolly mary janes¬†¬†are fun comfy everyday wear, or dressing up a holiday outfit. And the elasticized heel makes them super stretchy and comfy for getting on and off easily.

Cute baby shoes: Liny mary janes donate a pair to a child in need

Okay, fine, just one more Mary Jane. (We told you they had a lot we love.) Metallics are still hot, and in either silver or gold, we love the Liny Mary-Jane baby shoes which will also be available next week. We can wait. Maybe.

Cute baby shoes: Danuby shoe at Friendly Rooster For your future¬†mountain climber–who’s got to start with walking first– the Danuby shoes¬†is a fun, functional option. We really love the two-tone brown and black styling which make them a little more special than your every day brown boots.

¬† Baby Bergy Boot: buy one, a pair is donated to a child in need Cold weather¬†means keeping those little toes warm and zippers help getting boots on and off (pro tip). These¬†baby girl Bergy Boot¬†in a subtle pink is great for sweater weather — partly because they¬†are part sweater.

Cute baby shoes: Icey boot at Friendly Rooster One of our very favorites might be¬†these¬†Icey boots¬†which keep boys or girls¬†warm, and frankly, we’d wear them in our size.

Visit our partner Friendly Rooster. And be sure to check out some of their current sale styles, all under $30!

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