Even though we’ve entered an age of eco-friendly everything, especially when it comes to lunch bags and school supplies, I still have this nostalgic fondness for the brown paper bags of yore. So I am utterly charmed by the reusable brown paper lunch bag, from UK company Luckies of London.

On the outside it looks just like a regular old brown paper bag. But when you pick it up, you realize it’s made of Tyvek, a sturdy coated material that’s tear-proof and leak resistant. Basically it feels like a Fed Ex envelope, and if it’s good enough for them, it should be good enough for a juice box or a yogurt. Speaking of which, the incredibly roomy interior is insulated–so hey, pack a few yogurts. And the top stays shut fairly well with the help of a small double magnet inside.

Insulated, reusable brown paper lunch bag on Cool Mom Picks

It’s probably not the kind of thing you want to give to your kid for an everyday lunch bag–there are better options (see some of our favorite lunch boxes and bags here) that I would think would hold up better over months or years.  But if you want to brown bag it to the park or to work from time to time but a lunchbox isn’t your bag, so to speak, maybe this one is.

Find the reusable brown paper lunch bag at our affiliate Amazon, or learn more at the Luckies of London website.