Even though it’s just the beginning of fall, before you know (and we hate to say it) the holidays will be here soon. If you’re like us, that means when they crees up, you’ll be doing your best to frantically knock as many items off of your holiday checklist as possible in the least amount of time. We admit it, we’ve been there. We will be there again until probably forever. And we know we’re not alone.

Thanks to one of our very favorite partners, Minted, you can tackle a big holiday to-do list item right now: ordering holiday cards.

If you’ve got that gorgeous photo of your kids lined up and ready to go, then they make choosing the perfect card to suit it super easy. Especially this year, since they launched a line of foil pressed cards now in rose gold (along with their lovely gold and silver options) that we’re really impressed with. They’re wonderfully festive with just the right amount of shine so that they’re still sophisticated.

(Save the glitter for your kids’ craft projects; come holiday time, there will be plenty of it.)

Most Wonderful Time of the Year foil pressed Christmas card at Minted

most wonderful time of the year card | jennifer wick

But hey, if you don’t have your holiday photos nailed down yet, you don’t even have to pick your cards right now. Just purchase them now with the awesome 20% off discount code below, then you can save them to customize when you’re ready. Brilliant! Especially considering you’re not going to get big discounts on holiday cards come the holiday rush.

Another cool thing is that Minted has added new customizable card backers that allow you to pop in a few more photos or an extra note if you’ve had a particularly busy year. And best of all–say these busy moms–Minted will address all of your cards for free.

Yes, you read that right.

Sound good? Then we’re happy to help you get started. We spent some time on their site browsing their new collection and pared it down to some of our favorite rose gold foil-pressed cards for all kinds of families, and all kinds of holiday celebrations. Get ready to feel festive!


For the family who celebrates all the holidays


Foil pressed holiday cards at Minted: Happy Ore by Spotted Whale Design
happy ore holiday card | spotted whale design


Foil pressed holiday cards at Minted: Brushed Gold by Kelli Hall
brushed gold peace card | kelli hall

Joy rose gold foil-pressed holiday card at Minted

radiant joy holiday card | katie wahn


For the family with a holiday baby to announce

Foil pressed holiday cards at Minted: All is Calm, All is Bright by Alethea and Ruth
all is calm, all is bright card | alethea and ruth


Foil pressed holiday cards at Minted: Silent-less Nights by Carolyn Maclaren
silent-less nights card | carolyn maclaren


For the family who worked hard to get that one perfect photo

Foil pressed holiday cards at Minted: Big and Merry by Carrie Oneal
big and merry card | carrie oneal


Foil pressed holiday cards at Minted: Be Joyful by Snow and Ivy
be joyful holiday card | snow and ivy


For the family who can’t pick just one photo

Foil pressed holiday cards at Minted: Etched Greetings by Misa
etched greetings holiday card | misa


Foil pressed holiday cards at Minted: Sprinkles of Cheer by Simplete Design
sprinkles of cheer New Year’s  card | simplete design


For the family who probably won’t get their holiday cards out
before New Year (no judgment here)

Foil pressed holiday cards at Minted: The Classic by 2birdstone
the classic happy New Year card | 2birdstone

Foil pressed holiday cards at Minted: Best and Brightest by Annie Clark
best and brightest New Year’s card | annie clark

2015 happy new year card with rose gold foil accents at Minted

come together new year’s card | waui design

EXTRA COOL: Save 20% off your holiday card purchase at Minted with discount code PREVIEW20. 

Thanks to our sponsor Minted for making it so easy to make and send our holiday cards. And don’t miss their awesome selection of photo gifts and personalizable wrapping paper. You can seriously get so far ahead of that holiday to-do list in just a few clicks!