You know what’s awesome? When a favorite artisan or etsy shop of mine decides to brand out a little beyond their regular spate of offerings. That’s exactly what happened with Foxy and Winston, whom I loved for their cool letterpress and now for their kitchen textiles, which is fancy for cotton tea towels, napkins, and tablecloths. (Sorry, we’ve been on a Fancy Nancy kick around my place lately).

Whether your own kitchen needs a little refreshing or you’ve got another lucky someone in mind, these handmade tea towels are some of the prettiest I’ve seen, with bright colors and fun patterns (and organic cotton, ooooh) that anyone with a kitchen would love to receive. Even those of us who are sometimes surprised we have a kitchen.

Cool hostess gifts: Foxy and Winston handmade tea towels on

Cool hostess gifts: Handmade cloth napkins at Foxy and Winston

Cool hostess gifts: Foxy and Winston artichoke handmade tea towels

At these prices, which for handmade textiles are pretty amazing, you can stock up before holiday party season starts and be more than well prepared for entertaining in your own home, or showing a little thanks at someone else’s.

Check out the entire homegoods collection at Foxy and Winston on Etsy.