Mother's Day card from Fox and WinstonI would say that now is a good time to start tracking down Mother’s Day cards so you’re not freaking out on May 9, and emailing us all Wah! You have to save me! Who makes e-cards that don’t suck?

Not that we wouldn’t totally help you out. But still — a little preparedness in honor of the awesome moms in the world?

I totally love the Most Lovely Duck Mother’s Day card from Foxy and Winston, just on sheer originality. It’s hand screenprinted in Brooklyn, NY (whoo!) using eco-friendly everything by artist Jane Buck, whose sensibility I just adore, and it’s exactly the kind of thing my own mom would keep pinned to her wall forever.  Better yet, order a whole box set of notecards — Jane can mix them at your request, so you can get a Father’s Day card in there too.

Now if you happen to wait until the last minute anyway? You’re in luck. Jane would be delighted to scribble off a little note for you, stamp it and send it too. Just don’t ask her to try and forge your handwriting. –Liz

Find Mother’s Day cards, boxed notecards at the Foxy and Winston Etsy shop. Oh, and if you’re planning on actually sending a gift on time this year, too, check out the cool gifts for moms we’ve featured in our Mother’s Day Gift Guide!