It hasn’t yet snowed here in Colorado, but it’s only a matter of time before the flurries fly and the birds are scrambling for food. Because I love to craft pretty things that are also useful, I’ve been looking for DIY bird feeders.

I’m so excited about all of these ideas that I can hardly wait to get started. Don’t tell, but I might even make a few of them without my kids.

These cookie cutter bird feeders (above) from eighteen25 use gelatin to make the birdseed stick together. Then kids can press it into cookie cutters to make fun shapes. I love the colorful baker’s twine for hanging too. Considering how much my kids love to work with cookie cutters, our yard might be the birdie hot spot of the season.

Pine cone bird feeders from Dana Made It

Pine cone bird feeders are another super kid-friendly project, and older kids can follow this pine cone bird feeder tutorial on Dana Made It all on their own. Send the kids out to gather pine cones or pick some up at the craft store, and seed butter is always a good option if you’ve got nut allergies to consider. While the cookie cutter bird feeders work best with small seeds, pine cones can handle the big seeds, especially if you load on the butter.

Orange peel bird feeder on Rhythm of the Home

This orange peel bird feeder is great for kids who can handle a needle and yarn. While the directions call for using a knife to remove the pulp, I expect a spoon could work pretty well too. Plus it’s biodegradable, and the birds will be happy to add the yarn to a nest. Such a simple project, but I think that’s what I like so much about it.

Hanging tea cup bird feeder on Busted Button

Tea cup bird feeders keep popping up on Etsy, but it’s really pretty easy to make your own instead. While I’m not ready to drill holes in china, I can wield a tube of E-6000 glue, which seems to be the adhesive of choice. One option is to place the tea cup upright and glue it onto the saucer, then glue jewelry bails to the edge of the saucer to hold the chain. I might also try small screw eyes or D-rings from the hardware store.

Tea cup bird feeder on Morena's Corner

Or you can tip over the cup and glue it that way, so the birdseed looks like it’s spilling out. It’s more of an artsy look, like this bird feeder on Morena’s Corner, and less hardware required since the chain can be threaded through the teacup handle.

Painted can bird feeders from Mom Endeavors

Finally, these painted can bird feeders look a little more involved, but they’re still super easy and kid-friendly. Use leftovers from your last painting project or grab some fun new colors. If you want to go all out, cut and paint dowels for the birds to sit on, or just glue a sturdy twig to the edge of the can. I especially like the idea of hanging the bird feeder by a ribbon (don’t forget a couple dots of hot glue to keep it from sliding off the can), but I’d probably go with bright contrasting colors instead of trying to match the ribbon to the paint.

We’ve got you covered if you’ve got birds on the brain.