Origami will always be cool, but some of us will never progress past making hats. Now you can display crisp, fancy origami creatures proudly, whether you actually possess intricate paper folding skill or not, thanks to these modern-style origami art prints.

Our pals at Noodlehug–surely you remember the I Like Big Cups and I Cannot Lie print?–now have a quintet of prints featuring origami animals combined with typography and shadows that would look lovely in a nursery or office. They currently have a bear, a fox, an owl, a crane, and a jolly green dragon, each archival printed in a variety of sizes.

And, hey, if you still need more origami, there are always these rad tattoos from our friends at Wee Gallery, which don’t require framing.


Origami art prints: green dragon print at Noodlehug

Origami art prints: blue owl art print at Noodlehug

Origami art prints: red crane at Noodlehug

Aren’t they stunning? Who knows, maybe they’ll inspire your kids to grow up and make their own origami, photograph it, frame, it and sell it on Etsy. Maybe?

Find origami art prints at Noodlehug on Etsy.