Whenever I’m scrolling through Facebook updates, I can’t help but stop and read photographer Brandon Stanton’s Humans of New York photo feed. He has an incredible talent for capturing interesting portraits and poignant quotes about life from his subjects. You’ve got to check him out if you haven’t already. So I nearly jumped out of my seat at the chance to share his work with my kids when I saw he was releasing a book on his tiniest subjects, Little Humans

This photographic book is more than just a coffee table book; it features those street photos we love, but this time the images are accompanied by a story written just for children, rather than the interview-like quotes we’re used to seeing accompanying the photos.

I love the great, positive message that Stanton has woven together by sharing the many things that kids can do , and encouraging them to dare to dream big. Even if they are “little” humans.


From the Little Humans book: Young ballerina in the streets of NYC

Little Batman from the Little Humans book


Dapper kid in the Little Humans book, from the author of Humans of New York

Living out in the suburbs of Nashville, my kids don’t see as much diversity of style and personality as families do in New York City. So to me, the beautiful thing about Little Humans is that kids from all over will get a chance to explore other kinds of kids, and see just what they are wearing and doing for fun. My kids have always been especially drawn to books that feature photographs, rather than illustrations, of real kids. No surprise, this has become the new page-turner in our house.

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