You know what’s hard to find? Awesome Halloween apps for kids. So we’ve spent a good deal of time on Cool Mom Tech tracking down some of the very best ones apps you and your little ones, whether they prefer silly or spooky fun.

Click over today and you’ll find 6 fun Halloween apps for kids, mostly for little ones, all of them really beautiful. No vector-art monsters here, just the good stuff.

You should also check out our post on 8 awesome Halloween apps for kids of all ages, including my favorite for older kids–Figaro Pho Fear Factory which is like Cut the Rope, if it were designed by Tim Burton.

Good luck getting through that one by Halloween. Or even next year’s Halloween.

And hey, as a bonus, my kids happened to be obsessed with the PicMonkey Halloween themes--I hook them up with my account, let them upload a photo of themselves, and they go nuts changing themselves into witches, zombies, or superheroes with the easy, intuitive, free website software. Just don’t count on getting your computer back anytime soon.