Those of you who don’t celebrate may not know that before Christmas became the blockbuster that it is today, Chanukkah was a pretty quiet affair. And as hard as Chanukkah tries to keep up (at least in my house where we celebrate both holidays), it’s always a few steps behind Christmas. Until now. The Festival of Lights Chanukkah gift set from Vosges gourmet chocolates is swanky—and delicious—enough to make Chanukkah the winter holiday. At least that’s how eight days of chocolate makes me feel.

Like everything that Vosages does, this gift set is beautifully designed. The lucite menorah, which I had the chance to see in person, is sleek and modern. It reminds me of a menorah that you might find at Jonathan Adler (my favorite menorah source—seriously!). Nothing goes with a stylish menorah more than handcrafted, traditionally dipped menorah candles imported from Israel; they come in the gift pack, too.


Vosges chocolates: Chanukkah gift set

Remember what I just said about nothing going with your menorah more than candles? I was wrong. Even better than the candles are the eight delectable chocolates, one for each day of Chanukkah. I don’t know about you, but I’ll happily trade my annual pair of kooky socks and a new toothbrush (yes, even the “top of the line” one) for a Black Salt Caramel Bonbon, Smoked Cinnamon Sugar Toffee, and six other amazing haute chocolates.

It’s important to mention that the menorah candles are kosher, but the chocolates are not. If that’s a deal breaker for you, feel free to send the chocolates my way.

Find the Chanukkah Festival of Lights Gift Set ($160) and other chocolate gifts online at Vosges.

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