Beloved children’s author and illustrator, Mo Willems, has been providing my kids and me with bedtime guffaws (seriously, it’s way beyond just a little tittering) since, well, since forever. So I can only imagine the kind of silliness that would ensue if we got one of the five new sets of  Mo Willems wall decals he’s created for Blik.

Everyone’s favorite dejected pigeon is ready to up the bedtime ante with these hilarious wall decals that smartly include a few blank dry-erase speech bubbles so that kids (and parents, don’t forget the parents) can create wall-sized Pigeon stories of their own. Themes include favorite characters like the duckling, the puppy, and of course, the bus driver.

Now, I don’t want to think about what my nine-year-old might do if we left him alone with the dry-erase marker, but I’m sure I could entertain my younger two by writing occasional little surprise messages on the Mo Willems decals for them to find each morning when they wake up.


Mo Willems wall decals - Don't Let Pigeon Stay Up Late

Don't Let Pigeon Drive Bus - new sets of Mo Willems Wall Decals

Pigeon Wants a Puppy  - Mo Willems Wall decals at Blik

I’m secretly hoping there’s an Elephant & Piggie option on the horizon. Because that? Well, that might even get a place of honor on my own bedroom wall. But of all the wonderful sets out now, I’m particularly fond of the Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late wall decals, since I know my family would enjoy making fun of the poor guy as we got ready for bed.

Wait, is that mean? We would be laughing with him, promise. Same as always.

Get your own set of Mo Willems wall decals at Blik. And if you’re a big Mo Willems fan? Check out his 2014 release, Pigeon Needs a Bath, and be sure to download the awesome app, Pigeon Presents… Mo on the Go.