Stuffing is one of those Thanksgiving dishes that I’m always changing. One year cornbread, the next sourdough. Sometimes sausage, other times bacon. Every once in a while I make it in the bird, though mostly it’s done in a separate pot. I’m not yet sure how I’m going to approach stuffing this year, but I know that one of these 8 amazing Thanksgiving stuffing recipes is going to be on my table–and you might be thrilled to have them on yours, too.

I’m guessing there’s something here for everyone, no matter how you like your stuffing. Even if you call it dressing.


When the folks at Food52 say that a recipe is what we call stuffing, you can rest assured that it’s good enough for your own Thanksgiving table. This traditional Challah, Mushroom, and Celery Stuffing recipe (above) by Cathy Barrow on Food52 is simple holiday perfection. Challah is a wonderful bread to use in stuffing if you haven’t tried it.


Thanksgiving stuffing recipe: Chestnut Stuffing with Leeks and Apple | The Parsley Thief

This Chestnut Stuffing with Leeks and Apples recipe at The Parsley Thief is packed with quintessential Thanksgiving flavors. Plus, I’m down with any recipe that can masterfully turn regular old white sandwich bread into this!


Thanksgiving stuffing recipe: Wild Mushroom Stuffing | What's Gaby Cooking

Wild Mushroom Stuffing at What’s Gaby Cooking is all about the combination of fresh, earthy mushrooms and bright herbs. Gaby swears that you can adapt this stuffing recipe to skip the mushrooms altogether, but I’m perfectly content to make this as is.


Thanksgiving stuffing recipes: Poblano Cornbread Stuffing | Love and Lemons

Just looking at this Poblano Cornbread Stuffing recipe from Love and Lemons makes me happy. The recipe calls—and provides a recipe—for homemade cornbread. If you’re up to it, make the cornbread a couple of days ahead of time to pace yourself, or buy some cornbread at the bakery section in your market. No matter what cornbread you use, it’ll be heavenly mixed with all the other wonderful flavors in this recipe.

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Thanksgiving stuffing recipes: Quinoa Stuffing recipe | With Style and Grace

Believe it or not, you can skip the bread altogether in your stuffing recipe, as with this gluten-free Quinoa Stuffing with Sweet Potatoes and Cranberries from With Style & Grace. It may not be quite the same as the traditional, but it’s delicious and lets even those gluten-free eaters feel a part of your Thanksgiving table, and that’s what the holiday is all about.


Thanksgiving stuffing recipes: Apple Thyme Wild Rice Stuffing | Spoon Fork Bacon

I’ve never been much of a fan of wild rice except when used in stuffing. A great example: this Apple, Thyme, and Wild Rice Stuffing from Spoon Fork Bacon. Not only is this recipe mouthwatering, it’s also gorgeous, speckled with red apple skin and black rice. And let me tell you, making pretty stuffing is no small feat.


Thanksgiving stuffing recipes: Blueberry Sausage Brioche Stuffing | The Lazy Mom Cooks

Not everyone like sweetness in their stuffing, but I love the unexpected addition of berries to this Blueberry Sausage Brioche Stuffing recipe at The Lazy Mom Cooks. If it sounds strange to you please trust me that it is a good, delicious idea. After all, you’d eat cranberries in your stuffing, right?


Thanksgiving stuffing recipes: Sourdough, Italian Sausage, and Chestnut Stuffing | Bon Appetit

I can’t round up my favorite stuffing recipes without including one that calls for sausage, like this Sourdough, Italian Sausage, and Chestnut Stuffing recipe from Bon Appetit. Sweet—and even hot—Italian sausage lends Thanksgiving stuffing awesome flavor, especially paired with slightly tangy bread, sage, and creamy chestnuts. Bring it on!

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