I hate showing up to someone’s house empty-handed, even when the hostess says, “Oh…just bring yourself.” That’s why I always have so much fun scoping out affordable hostess gifts for you all each year. While we can always grab a bottle of wine or fresh flowers, around the holiday season it’s smart to stock up on affordable little gifts  for impromptu gift-giving, just so you have them on hand. And I found the perfect thing with the gourmet chocolate covered pretzel rods from Fatty Sundays.

You guys? This is like my dream holiday gift stash gift: They’re affordable, they’re not too fussy, and they’re a perfect token for anyone from a hostess to your manicurist to your kids’ teachers. Well, anyone who likes delicious things, that is. Run by two Brooklyn sisters (represent, neighbors!), the company refers to their pretzels as “thoughtfully flavored” and I’d say that’s a perfect description.

No foodie will go unimpressed.

In general I’m not big on over-the-top chocolate dipped things which are smothered in candies and sprinkles and gummi bears all at once, which is why Fatty Sundays pretzels are perfect. They’re subtle and sophisticated and very pretty, with flavors like Peppermint Crunch and an outrageously good Salty Toffee which, bless their souls, are made with excellent dark chocolate. I even like the kraft paper packaging.

Gourmet chocolate pretzel rods from Fatty Sundays | Perfect hostess gifts

For younger tastes, there are options like a milk chocolate PB&J pretzel and a white chocolate rainbow sprinkle pretzel that my kids would fight for. There are actually 20 flavors in all, including an option to customize your own colors. And there’s a gluten-free gourmet chocolate pretzel rod too, which will make a lot of people very happy.

At just $6.95 a box, I’d grab a ton of them and keep them for all those little gift-giving occasions and surprise visitors you know you’ll forget about. Also, it will make the flat-rate shipping charge worth it.

Nothing like a friend showing up at your house unexpectedly with her kid (surprise!) and you being able to conjure up a gift, already wrapped and ready for him.

Shop the gourmet chocolate pretzel rods from Fatty Sundays.

Updated: Holiday orders get $9.95 flat rate shipping starting November 27. And visit our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide for more gift ideas for foodies, hostesses, and beyond.