I think bringing vintage Christmas ornaments and other goodies into your celebration can bring so much personality to your holiday table setting and the rest of your decor. I really love mid-century items, so anything past the late ’60s gets a little modern kitsch for me–not that there aren’t a few goodies. So I’ve combed Etsy and put together some spectacular vintage Christmas ornaments and other finds I hope you’ll love as much as I do.

Hey, sometimes one perfect, perfectly cool ornament makes the perfect little gift and it hasn’t cost you much at all.


Vintage Christmas: Mid-century ornament set on Etsy
Mid-century Christmas tree ornament box ($24.95, My Vintage Soul)
Someone once gave me an entire box of ornaments similar to these, and I still love them and put them up every year. I really like this set which is in such great shape. We taught you the best way to display ornaments in a vase, and these would look amazing!

Vintage 1960's Santa glasses and serving tray on Etsy
1970s Vintage Christmas Santa glasses and tray set  ($69, Swirling Orange 11)
I’ve shopped this store before and always love checking back to see what they have in stock, like these way rad vintage Santa glasses I know my kids would love drinking out of all season long. Perfect for Santa’s milk and cookies too.

Vintage 1960's glass Christmas ornaments on Etsy
1960’s glass vintage Christmas ornaments ($5.95-$29.95, efinegifts; also at top)
This LA Etsy shop doesn’t have the cheapest ornaments, but they may have one of the best selections with close to 200 beautifully curated vintage glass Christmas ornaments, garlands, and more.

Vintage 1960's light-up Santa on Etsy
1960’s vintage light-up Santa Claus ($29.50, 4 Envisioning Vintage)
A lot of vintage Santa faces are admittedly kind of creepy, but don’t you love this little guy’s sweet expression so much? On a mantle surrounded by tasteful greens and beautiful candles, he will look just fun enough without being too campy.

Vintage Christmas bell ornaments on Etsy
Vintage Multi-Colored Bell Ornaments ($20, Forest Hills Vintage)
They’re plastic, not glass, which explains why these 60’s-era bells have held up so well. They’d look great on a holiday table, a tree (of course), or use them on a bookshelf or side table to help prop up holiday cards.

Vintage vinyl reindeer doll for Christmas decor on Etsy
Mid-century vintage vinyl reindeer doll ($9.99, Sentimental Favorites)
There are tons of vintage reindeer figurines  but this only slightly weathered, 9-inch tall Rudolph stole my heart.

Just one important tip for you parents: In light of the ever-changing (and improving) laws about what our products are made of now, I’d keep the vintage stuff higher up on the tree away from the kids, and be sure to wash your hands after setting them where you want them. A lot of these are the “just for looking” kind of stuff in our home.

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