I’ve woken up a few times over the last couple weeks to the sound of ornaments falling from my tree and crashing to the floor. Not good. I’ve got a few gaps in my tree now, but with just a couple days until school is out and the kids are home, I don’t have time to make a run to the store for more ornaments. Our editor Liz forwarded me these cool printable Christmas ornaments from Smallful the other day, and now I don’t need to go anywhere.

I love tradition and vintage and classic at Christmas, but these fresh, modern designs make me so happy. Plus paper doesn’t break when it falls off a tree. These would also be so cute attached to gifts, as a little extra, reusable decoration.

Cheery printable Christmas ornaments from Smallful for last-minute gifts.

I just ordered the large bundle of printable Christmas ornaments so that I can have this on hand, and it’s already saving the day now that my daughter has been invited to an ornament exchange party this week. She loves that she’ll get to “make” the ornament, and I love that I don’t have to fight the crowds to replace our ornaments.

There are even more fun printable Christmas ornament and craft printables at Smallful, where you can download all four ornaments for $6, or two for $4. 

Want additional ideas about how to make your own ornaments? We’ve got some thoughts, plus more holiday printables in our archives!

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