Before you start making more pencil marks on the wall, remember this: Long after the crib is gone and the tiny toddler shoes are replaced by giant adult-size sneakers, that growth chart you started oh-so-many years ago may be something you want to keep. So choose wisely.

We have shared many awesome-looking growth charts over the years that we love and now we’ve found one more resource: The personalized growth chart decals from Tinyme, the stylish gift company that just keeps on impressing us.

The decals come in six adorable styles that are fun and playful but won’t look totally out of place in an older-kids’ room, like–say–a Dora the Explorer growth chart would. And one thing I have always loved about their designs is that they don’t offer them in just one color scheme, but in shades from bright and funky, to mellow and subdued.

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Each design includes a ruler, for easy measurement. And I love how they’re incorporated into the designs, as the trunk of a modern geometric tree, a roadway through town, or as raindrops in the personalized rain cloud growth chart–one of my favorites. And they’re printed on fine-weave fabric, not vinyl. So these growth charts not only look really sophisticated, but they can be repositioned and won’t even get stretched out when you do so.


Tinyme Geo Tree growth chart for kids

Tinyme Robots growth chart for kids

Rain cloud personalized growth chart from Tinyme
For you parents with more than one child, my tip to you is that having a personalized growth chart for each sibling makes deciphering those pencil marks a whole heck of a lot easier than the single chart with a mess of of scribbles I have going on upstairs for my own three kids. I would have done it differently if I had to start over. And fortunately, each of these personalized growth charts are $40, which isn’t bad at all. It might even cost less than repainting that wall of pencil marks.

Check out six personalized growth charts for kids from Tinyme each offered in different color combinations. And visit our archives for even more cool growth charts for kids.