Who can’t live without their Hunter Boots, raise your hand? (Oh look! It’s my entire Brooklyn Neighborhood!) While they’re not the snowboots that my Sorel boots are, I adore the versatility of my Hunter Boots, which are the perfect wellies in a summer rainstorm; or pop in a pair of fleecy Hunter Boot Socks and make them toasty enough for cold winter morning walks to school.

When I first got my own boots, I was sure to grab a pair of the microsoft sock inserts in black. But now it turns out there are so many cool designs, you can pretty much turn your original boot into an entirely new one. Get a contrasting color to your boots, fold the top over like a cuff, and create your own bit of footwear colorblocking. Or if you got a colorful pair of boots to begin with, try a solid black cuff with a cool texture. Here are just a few of my favorites Hunter Boot Socks that I found looking around online this week. For $45 and under, it’s a great way to feel like you have a totally new pair of boots to kick around in right now.


Hunter Boot socks can change the look of your wellies

I seriously love these Hunter boot half cardigan sock inserts with ribbed cuffs which are awesome for adding some texture to black boots like mine, but are extra chic paired in black paired with another color, like these silver Hunter boots at Zappos. The fleece bottoms keep you nice and warm (seriously, be prepared to take them off if you’re indoors) but on top it looks like a cozy turtleneck sweater popping out the top of your boot, doesn’t it?


Hunter Boot socks in neon, on sale

If you’re into neon right now for brightening up bleak days, the Hunter site has a huge sale on these neon Hunter boot socks – just $18. Pretty sweet.  (For comparison, they’re still $30 at other sites I’ve checked out.)


Hunter Tall Welly mouline boot sock in lilac

The Mouliné Boot socks are also made from microfleece, but up top feature a cotton basketweave cuff in blue or this pretty lilac. I like the textural contrast with the smooth, sleek look of Hunter boots. I find this one is especially fun paired with the matte wellies, and a nice take on the tweedy textures that are so popular in winter wear right now.



Hunter boot socks in blue chevron

I really dig the blue chevron Hunter sock inserts at Shop Bop which is kind of a surprising choice for me. Chevron? But wait! Don’t eyeroll just yet–this pattern is so big and blocky, it looks more like some cool geometric Escher pattern. I also don’t think that these sock inserts are actually made of poolyester as the site says; but hey, maybe it’s a pun. That is a very pretty pool color.

Hunter Welly boot socks in red geometric

They come in four different colors including a neutral black and grey, but I think they’re also pretty great in red. I found these at Nordstrom. Chic!


When you order Hunter Boot sock inserts, besure to check your sizing! The M is for sizes 5-7 and large for 8-10. Also, these are each for tall boots; if you have the calf-height boots there are plenty of those available too.

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