It’s coming up on Valentine’s Day, which means it’s the time we start looking for cute Valentine’s gifts for babies that don’t make our teeth hurt from the sweetness. One of my favorite fallback recommendations is the personalized heart tattoo onesie, and this one from Psychobaby is just perfect. Instead of arguing whether it should say mom or dad, it’s personalized with your own child’s name–or nickname. I think it would be pretty cool if his name was Bruiser or something.

Personalized flying swallow heart tattoo baby gift set for Valentine's Day
The shop also features blankets, hats and bibs with the same design in red or pink. All complete with the cool flying sparrow motif for double the classic tattoo fun. And if you can’t choose? You’re in luck.

Check out the personalized heart tattoo baby gift set featuring three items for just $40. Not a bad way to guarantee a great first Valentine’s Day photo opp.

Find the  personalized heart tattoo onesie and more cute Valentine’s Day gift ideas for babies online at Pyschobaby.