If you’re the type who follows kid fashion well, join the club. We’re excited to offer you an¬†exclusive first look at the Appaman spring 2015 collection that just launched¬†this very second. We’ve loved Appaman since way way back when all of our kids were wee ones, but the truth is, they now¬†do¬†cool for tweens so well¬†so you don’t have to be bummed when your kids hit six and suddenly they’re out of the label.

There are some new things in the new¬†collection that I¬†can‚Äôt wait to let my¬†kids try on. So, I¬†thought I’d pick out¬†a few of my¬†favorite warmer-weather pieces¬†that you can get your hands on, if you’re already as winter-weary as a lot of us are.


Appaman Spring 2015 collection: Blue sporty dresses for girls who like to play

Appaman girls spring collection: Sporty and sweet


My daughter likes¬†cute clothes that she¬†can also play in, for school days and those weekends¬†when we get lunch with friends¬†and then stop by the playground on the way home. The casual Tennis Dress and¬†Skater Dress, or even a tee and skirt combo¬†are also great options for multitasking kids like her. But be sure to throw on a pair of Monkeybar Buddies¬†underneath so¬†your daughter¬†doesn’t have to say no to spontaneous cartwheels.

(And psst…keep an eye out for the gorgeous¬†Dot Maxi Dress,¬†at the very top, center, when their summer collection comes out. We’re all kind of coveting it around here.)

Appaman Spring 2015 Collection: Cascade Bow Dress in GreyI’ve always¬†associated Appaman with a sporty,¬†skater aesthetic (as in boards, not ice), but this spring we‚Äôre seeing a lot more fancy¬†dresses and more flowy, Easter-ready¬†looks for girls¬†like this pretty¬†Cascade Bow Sheath Dress. (It also comes in pretty coral and a cute print too.)

Appaman mod boys suit for spring

Appaman boys dresswear for spring. Cute for Easter!

If your boys¬†need some dressy clothes for the spring and summer, the well-cut Mod Suit from Appaman is super swanky. I am kind of flipping out over this amazing red color, but it’s definitely one for the hipster kids. They also¬†have more traditional hues like tan, black, and grey–and even seersucker, for my fellow¬†Southern mamas. There are also sweet little bow ties for Easter wear.

Appaman Spring 2015 Collection: Saratogo Windbreakers

I love that Appaman is taking the basic windbreaker and reinventing it with shiny and translucent fabrics. I may not even have to beg my kids to put on their coats to go to the park. Wishful thinking?

Appaman Spring 2015 Collection: Coral Trench Coat

Appaman’s girl’s trench coat is so chic, and this coral color is fantastic! It’s the perfect weight to transition us from cold winter days to milder spring temps, and it looks adorable over jeans, dresses, you name it. Don’t you love a flexible piece like this in your kids’ closet?

Appaman Spring 2015 Collection: Geometric swim trunks

If you’re thinking swim weather already–maybe a spring break trip?–you probably know cool boys swim trunks¬†can be so hard to find. Especially ones that don’t have characters all over them. My boys were immediately drawn to the Riis Swim Trunks, and I have to agree they’re some of the coolest¬†I’ve seen in a while.


Appaman Spring 2015 Collection: hip everyday wear for boys

Appaman’s everyday wear for boys is so fun and fresh, it’s also worth a look. I’m loving¬†the Pattern Shirt with red pineapples on denim, and my son thinks the Black Bomber Jacket is just the coolest (but we’ll have to wait for it till summer). Now, bring on the warm weather!

To see more great clothes and color options, check out the full Appaman Spring 2015 Collection at their website and at tons of indie boutiques around the country.