We always love sharing awesome style collaborations between artists and cool companies, but even better when it’s a friend, like the amazing author and photographer Karen Walrond, who’s launched a line of VIDA scarves.

We’ve known Karen and her outstanding work for we-won’t-say-how-many years, so how exciting that she’s collaborating to bring her beautiful photographs to life and with such a wonderful company that brings the vision designers, artists, and creatives alive with the help of artisans in Pakistan, who are paid a fair wage and provided with literacy programs to help them further their own lives.


VIDA scarves by Karen Walrond: Look for Light

California Sky photograph by Karen Walrond

VIDA scarves by Karen Walrond: Peonies

Peonies photograph by Karen Walrond

The scarves, printed with Karen’s original photographs (so on trend!) are all so beautiful it’s tough to choose a favorite, but I’m leaning towards London Light and Peonies (very top and above). And I just love the way Look for Light (top) translates perfectly from print to scarf. So cool. Each is made from a soft light modal making them extremely versatile for most seasons. But at these prices, well, you could buy a couple and stock up for an awesome Mother’s Day gift, teacher gift, you name it.

Just keep in mind that VIDA only produces their items in limited batches, so you’ll need to pre-order one of Karen’s pieces now, and you’ll be charged when the pre-order goal is met, with your custom-made scarf shipping within 30 days.

What a wonderful way to give or get a gift you love, all while supporting the artists we love too.

You can pre-order the custom-made photographic scarves in the VIDA collection by Karen Walrond on their website.