When I first saw a pair of WarmMuffs from our friends at 7AM Enfant earlier this winter, my brain instantly filed them under Things You Totally Don’t Need In Life. One arctic freeze of a winter later, I admit I’ve come back to thinking about them.

Now I firmly place them in the Things You Totally Don’t Need In Life But Will Probably Be Really Glad You Have During an Arctic Freeze file.

Essentially these are super warm, cozy, sleeping bag style stroller mittens, that are designed specifically to grip a stroller handle. The Velcro closure lets you wrap your fingers around the bar for a tighter grip than you’d get with slick, waterproof nylon mittens, all while keeping you as warm as their popular stroller sleep sacs.

It’s easy to just slide out of them when you make your way indoors (you can even keep them attached to the stroller), or unhook the Velcro so you can grab a phone call. As I hear some parents are apt to do when they’re out and about.

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7AM Enfant WarmMuffs are like sleeping bags for hands pushing strollers

The Invisible Man is pushing a stroller!

Also know that they make them for kids too, and I love the idea, but I admit I’m a little nervous tethering my child to her scooter’s T-bar, should she hit a pothole.

So yeah, I still think that WarmMuffs kind of straddle that line between ridiculous…and ridiculously awesome. But after the winter we’ve been having? If I were pushing a stroller around town, a pair of $38 sleeping bags for my fingers sound like the most delicious thing ever. Throw in a hot chocolate and you’ve got a deal.

Find the WarmMuffs in a variety of colors online at 7AM Enfant.