Not sure how everyone else is feeling about their winter so far, but in my neck of the woods, the weather gods have not been kind. We’ve had snow, sleet, frigid temps…we’re only missing hail storms.

Ever since the first below 40 degree day hit, I’ve been hot on the hunt for the perfect, all-weather stroller blanket. Not such an easy task. Here’s what I’ve found so far to be the best of the best.

7AM Enfant Blanket 212 Evolution
Besides the fact that 7AM wins in the style department, their newest offering–the 212 Evolution (at top)–is also the most functional blanket I’ve found. Before you balk at the $199 price tag, note that this bunting is made for birth through 4 years old. It’s equipped with nifty zippered extensions that allow the blanket to grow with your child. The weatherproof outside, which includes a hood and zips all the way up to the chin, gives way to a warm and snuggly fiber-insulated inside.

What I also love about this one is that I can just zipper my little guy in without having to go through the whole rigmarole of strapping him in over layers of sweater and puffy coat. The cool metallic colors are made for urban babies. The only downside is I have to remove the blanket from the stroller in order to fold it. Which, truth be told, only takes about 40 seconds.

maclaren foot muff

Maclaren Universal Foot Muff
The Maclaren foot muff gets my vote for best on-the-go stroller blanket. Its fleece lining, while definitely warm, is significantly more lightweight than others on the market. It also doesn’t leave my son in a schvitz on the subway. Another plus: I can close the stroller without removing the blanket.

Since the Foot Muff only covers the lower part of the body, this would not be the one I reach for on those extra-freezing days, but that said, this one will be my first choice when the weather (finally!) starts to warm up. Also important to note is that the Foot Muff is tailor-made for Maclarens–which is great if you have a Maclaren.

JJ Cole Arctic Bundle Me stroller blanket

JJ Cole Arctic Bundle Me
Liz previously reviewed this heavyweight stroller blanket from JJ Cole, and you still can’t beat the price and get this kind of protection.

If you’re not experiencing Arctic conditions, grab yourself the shearling-lined original BundleMe starting at just $39.95 in so many cute colors. You’ll know instantly why it’s a registry favorite of moms everywhere. –Melissa

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