I don’t know what it is about girls and purses. Maybe it’s that even the youngest of us naturally feel the need to have a bag for every occasion. But it’s never too early to start a healthy obsession with fun accessories, right? Which is why we love the sweet little coin purses from NYC-based Oktak on Etsy.

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Update: The Etsy shop is no longer operational

Oktak Mustard Fox Coin Purse | Cool Mom Picks Indie Shop

Featuring cute pandas and foxes in fun colors, these tiny handmade coin purses would make a special gift for any girl — or young-at-heart woman — who needs a way to tote coins, jewelry, hair clips, or other precious knickknacks that we wouldn’t want to get lost in a big bag.

I don’t remember what I used to tote my loose change around in when I was a kid, but I’m certain it wasn’t as adorable and hip as these.

Find the handmade coin purses from Oktak on Etsy.