My son hasn’t pulled out his skateboard in a couple of years but that hasn’t stopped him from wearing his new etnies from their Spring 2015 collection. And considering how picky he tends to be about footwear, I’d say that’s nothing short of amazing.

If you’re looking for something a little cooler than your average sneaker for your kids, I’m really digging the new etnies spring collection, particularly the Lo-Cut SC Kids that don’t even look like your typical skater kicks. They’re ridiculously light, though still supportive and comfortable thanks to a foam mid-sole. And my son, who is still not super keen on tying his own shoes (sigh), appreciates the elastic laces and Velcro flap.

Just know they’re definitely designed more for fun active play and not like, running lots of miles.

etnies Lo-Cut SC Kids from their new 2015 spring collection

I admit I’m surprised by how well they’ve held up considering how much he wears them (read: every single day), although the color will fade a bit. But I guess that’s what you get when you mix suede and snow. And while they run true to size, know that they are pretty narrow, so if you’ve got kids with wider feet, I’d take a look at other etnies styles because there are lots of awesome options.

What’s especially great is that the Lo-Cut SC style, along with a few others in their new collection, is part of their Buy a Shoe, Plant a Tree program–an added bonus to purchasing what I think are some of the coolest big kid shoes for both boys and girls that I’ve seen.

You can purchase the Lo-Cut SC kids shoes for $44.99, along with lots of other cool styles at Thanks to etnies for sending us a pair to try out. Be aware that the navy and yellow looks more like black and yellow in person.