Okay, I’m going to get one important thing out of the way first: The maternity and nursing clothing line I’m about to tell you about is a splurge. Like, a really big splurge. But if your best friend has the nerve to get married when you’re still nursing your baby; or say you’re pregnant and have a super-important work event for which you need a super-amazing dress that says I’m still in the game, oh colleague who’s eyeing my job; or even if you just want to gaze at the pictures of these amazing dresses and imagine yourself wearing them, then Mitera maternity and nursing dresses are definitely worth a look.

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Created by mom and global public health specialist Yoko Shimada and made in New York, Mitera features a range of styles, from a more body-hugging dress to a couple of beautiful flow-y (read: forgiving) choices that are perfect for mamas adjusting to new post-baby bodies.

So if a splurge is exactly what the midwife ordered, take advantage of the fact that most Mitera maternity and nursing dresses are wearable in pregnancy and after, making them entirely justifiable purchases.

Gorgeous Mitera designer maternity dresses with concealed zippers

Mitera Designer Maternity Dress in the perfect, flattering A-Line shape


Of course it doesn’t hurt to have fantastically toned arms and calves–plus a great haircut–if you’re going to go for something like the Elif dress (at very bottom), which could look a little potato sack-like on the wrong frame. The A-line Mimi Dress (above) may be the most universally flattering. And then there’s the va-va-voom Charlotte dress which is like that perfect LBD, only with zippers concealed in folds of beautiful fabric so that no one would ever know they’re for nursing.

Not that there’s a problem with someone knowing — it’s just nice to know the dress will last beyond the nursing years at this price.



Mitera Maternity Nursing Dress Charlotte



Mitera Maternity Nursing Dress Grace

Mitera Maternity Nursing Dress Elif


Elif maternity and nursing dresses by Mitera feature cleverly concealed zippers so you can wear them for ages

Mitera designer maternity and nursing dresses. Gorgeous.


They come in sizes 2-12 so when I say they’re not for everyone, I don’t just mean budget. However Mitera’s designs  are pretty spectacular if you’re in the market for something spendy but wearable, especially if you plan on extended breastfeeding or maybe having another kid or two. In fact, these are designs that aren’t likely to go out of style anytime soon,which can help justify the price.

To top it off, Mitera donates a meaningful portion of their revenue to non-profit partner organizations like D-Rev to help improve maternal and newborn health. So buying that dress is pretty much your good deed for the day.

See the entire collection of the designer maternity and nursing dresses at Mitera Maternity Collection. But be warned: They are pretty. And spendy. And very, very tempting.