When my kids try¬†climbing onto the huge¬†woven rope hammock in their grandparents’ ¬†back yard, it inevitably flips over and leaves them dangling inches above the ground, hanging on underneath for dear life. It’s so hilarious. I mean…awful. Right, it’s awful. Either way, it’s not¬†nearly as relaxing in¬†awesome¬†kid-sized hammocks¬†from Sluice.

This Etsy shop-turned-small-business out of North Carolina¬†(where they know a thing or two about getting outdoors and enjoying nature) creates¬†handmade¬†hammocks that hold up to 400 pounds. Just in case the whole family wants to¬†enjoy an al fresco nap together. But what I like is¬†the Hammie, a¬†kid-sized hammock, which makes it¬†easier for kids to get in by themselves — and stay in, without feeling like they’re¬†being swallowed up whole.


A favorite kid-sized hammock from Sluice in soft, comfy laundere

Compared with other hammocks I’ve tried, the fabric on Sluice’s hammocks is so soft and comfortable, with laundered nylon that gives¬†you the feeling of¬†lying on a 300-count¬†bedsheet rather than a parachute. Or lying in a fishnet stocking, with a pattern embossed in your thighs for the next few hours after getting out.

Adjustable tree straps make them portable, so you can set it up almost anywhere easily. Or at least as easily as I could with two¬†very excited children jumping around me and pulling at my shirt. And if you’re all-hammock-all-the-time, you could also¬†install one in¬†your kids’ playroom with one of their¬†wall anchors.

Since I’m the one who ends up schlepping our stuff around, my favorite feature is how easily they pack and store. (Editor’s note: Our southerner said schlepping! Sniff, so proud of you, Kate. -L) Everything from the tree straps to the hammock itself snaps together and clips onto your backpack or fits in a large¬†tote so you can head out to relax. At least until the kids¬†jump on you¬†and flip you¬†out, which is kind of their obligation as kids.

You can find¬†all the Sluice kid-sized hammocks at their website. You can add custom embroidery too.¬†Because kids love things with their names on them —¬†and it will keep siblings¬†from fighting over them. Thanks to Sluice for providing CMP a Hammie for review.