I’m known to friends as slightly (ahem) neurotic when it comes to using eco and natural products for everything from face creams to house cleaners, so a line of natural nail polishes called Play Love Laugh from Hugo Naturals for my kids? A no-brainer. They get a freshly-painted thumbs up from all of us.

The polish is free from the five main chemical offenders in nail polish, but also all kinds of others including FD&C dyes. And because it’s made from all non-toxic ingredients that include fruits and veggies — yup, even spinach — it’s actually a great choice for kids who suck on their fingers or bite their nails.

It’s even vegan and gluten-free, but I wouldn’t recommend serving a bottle for dinner.

With these natural nail polishes, there really isn’t any awful smell. You don’t even need any stinky nail polish remover when you’re done; just peel off the polish in warm water.

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Play Love Laugh natural nail polishes: Safe for kids and you



Though adults can wear them, these natural nail polishes are really more suitable for kids. The available colors are rather extreme and glittery, plus these aren’t long-lasting polishes as you can imagine — maybe you’ll get about a day-and-a-half out of them. (A fact I love when my kids are wearing, it because we don’t end up with those picked-at, half-polished nails for weeks on end.)

With bright colors, cute names like “Sweet Purple” and “Really Teally Fun” all packaged in kid-sized bottles, the polishes from Play Love Laugh would be perfect for loot bags or birthday gifts. Particularly when the recipient’s parents are slightly (or more than slightly) neurotic about these things.

Get your own Play Love Laugh natural nail polishes and remember that just because there’s spinach in it, doesn’t mean you should eat it.



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