One of the more promising trends at the NY International Toy Fair earlier this year was¬†the introduction of even more safe, natural makeup for girls, for when they’re¬†are¬†heading out somewhere a little special,¬†putting on plays at home, or this month, painting each other’s faces in daily practice for a¬†sixteen-hour trick or treat marathon. (Which of course may just be my girls, and it may just seem like sixteen¬†hours). Luna Star Naturals¬†is one of those brands, and they have some welcome new¬†products just out for older kids too.

For some time now, Luna Star has made a series of natural makeup sets for girls all packed in very cute cosmetic play kits¬†that you can easily find at our affiliate Amazon, at Walgreens, Whole Foods, or at small boutiques near you. They’re themed around fancy fairies, princesses, pop stars, and my personal favorite,¬†Super Star, with a super hero theme. (Now why a super hero needs red nails to go fight crime I have no idea, but hey, if it inspires some good creative play¬†I’m all for it.)


luna star natural makeup for kids | cool mom picks

luna star natural makeup play set for kids | cool mom picks

What’s new this year however, is Luna Star’s line of¬†KLEE Girls Natural Mineral Makeup¬†made especially for tweens and young teens.

For perspective, I am definitely¬†not a “let my nine-year-old pick out a nail polish to wear to school” mom (no judgments ¬†if you feel differently), but my girls¬†are increasingly interested in lip balms with a little sparkle when they head to a party, or a dab of eye shadow for a ballet recital. And this is a great brand for that.

The natural mineral formulations definitely inspire more confidence than your average mass market stuff, although I’d strongly suggest that you don’t set the kids loose in the bathroom alone with loose mineral powder unless you want to be cleaning it out of your tile grout for weeks.


New KLEE Girls natural mineral eye shadow by Luna Star Natural

The mineral eyeshadow is cleverly packaged like nail polish with a built-in applicator in the top, which contains the mess. We tried a pale gold which goes on nice and very subtly–in fact I’d use it myself. If you want more oomph, you can mix with water if you’re hoping for more vibrancy, though I’d do it with something other than the¬†applicator to keep it from getting gloppy. And I appreciate¬†the eco-friendly, recyclable FSC-certified packaging–a nice touch from a company that really seems to be committed to good eco-citzenship. The products are even made in the US.

Be aware that all this goodness comes at a price; the¬†shadows are¬†about $8.99 a bottle, so it’s not exactly the cheap stuff. But it’s not the kids breaking open Mom’s Chanel stash¬†either and I am exceedingly grateful for that.


Natural makeup for girls: Luna Star Pinki Naturali natural nail polish for kids peels right off

The lipsticks stay on well but wipe off easily (soap and water may help if you need it), and the¬†Luna Star Pinki Naturali non-toxic nail polish for kids¬†(here, the gift sets from Amazon)¬†is terrific–I love that it’s water-based and totally non-toxic, and it simply peels off without the use of acetone or other removers. Which leads to fewer fights when it’s time to take it off.

I will be totally honest, when my kids get some cheap play makeup or kid nail polish in a party goodie bag from some no-name manufacturer, my inclination is to sneak it into the garbage before they end up with rashes on their sensitive skin. So I’m hoping more parents discover Luna Star as a really appealing alternative.

Find info about Luna Star Naturals makeup for kids at the Luna Star website, at our affiliate Amazon, or in stores like Whole Foods.

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