Evidently moms as custom superheroes are the hot new thing this week. First we found genius custom superhero action figures, and now it’s custom supermom cookies out just in time for Mother’s Day.

From NYC favorite shop Eleni’s — where I spent way too much time on my lunch hours when I worked across the street — comes this very clever idea to celebrate myriad supermom powers, like learning out how to do the new new math that makes no sense, and magically knowing when the kids are playing Minecraft on the iPad under the covers instead of sleeping.

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Just upload a photo and position the face, then choose if you want the larger cookie assortment, or the little assortment. You’ll get a big old customized (as in, oh no, I don’t ever want to eat it!) sugar cookie featuring your favorite mom, along with a few little POW‘s and ZAP’s and BAM‘s.

The fact that you get super boobs in the process too is just a nice postpartum bonus, I think.

Meanwhile, doesn’t Kristen make an awesome Superhero?

Custom supermom cookies from Eleni's with her face!

Lead time is about 5 business days so be sure to order in time if you want a Mother’s Day delivery.

I think this is just an amazing gift. My only concern is that once our children realize that moms in fact do have all the superpowers, we’re going to have to manage more requests. You can do it. Sit back, have a cookie, and let them pick up their own toys. Kids have that power too; they just don’t always know it.

Check out the custom superhero mom cookie gift boxes at Eleni’s, starting at $28. They’re all made in a nut-free bakery and are certified Kosher, too.