Since we’re always saying that moms are superheroes, it makes perfect sense to actually turn her into one this Mother’s Day. That’s why we’re doing backflips, and possibly leaping tall buildings in a single bound, over a new company that creates affordable custom action figures, complete with a custom face on them. Whoa.

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After a successful Kickstarter campaign, You Kick Ass custom action figures (love the name) created by two ass-kicking entrepreneurial women, are ready for preorder. They’ve got both adult and kid figures, but if you’re shopping for mom, pick one of the four female figures that suits her best, including Extraordinary Woman, Stealth Woman, Woman on Fire (The Mockingjay!), and Running Woman — though you get to choose your own name for her.

In fact, the customization is the fun part.

Custom action figure superheroes that look like you from You Kick Ass: Awesome gift!

Select her outfit colors (only a couple for each style for now), mask style, hair style and color, and even specify her super power so she receives a mini comic all about her backstory. You can write in your own power, but you may find just what you need among the existing choices, which range from Optic Freeze (I know a few moms who have that one) to Flight, Superhuman Athleticism, Musical Spell Casting, or Telekidnesis–the power to control kids with one’s mind.

Oh, if only.

Then, upload a good photo and using 3D printing, the company will create a face that looks like hers — and yes, they’ll match skin color too. (We asked.) In two weeks or so, you’ll have pretty much the coolest custom gift ever, all for about $60.

Custom superhero action figures for kids with their own 3-D printed faces

There are also options for men — Father’s Day is coming too! — and for kids, as shown above, which would be the best gift ever for a superhero themed party. Or just because your daughter wants to be Merida more than anything. Just make sure you’re comfortable with “you kick ass” on the box.

The one caveat: Because this is a brand new product launch, they can’t guarantee shipping in time for Mother’s Day. Still, this is the kind of gift that we would totally take an IOU for.

The other issue is, if she has the power to read minds, like most moms do, she’ll know that it’s coming.  Fortunately, moms also have the super ability to feign surprise perfectly.

Order your Kick Ass custom action figures which start shipping on April 30. Customization takes about two weeks so use your power of speedy Internet clicking and get moving!