By the time¬†I learned how to sew, I was already a mama of two and trying to fit what little sewing ability I had acquired¬†into what little time I had to spare. Needless to say, my output wasn’t exactly abundant. If only I’d learned how to sew as a child¬†I would have already been a whiz by the time my¬†kids were born. And they might have ended up with more than just a pair of pyjama pants, or two.

A brand new book, The Girl’s Guide to DIY Fashion, is about to make sewists (they don’t call themselves sewers for pretty obvious reasons when you look at the word on paper) out of any girls who show an interest. With a machine and a few supplies, this book will help make any beginner into an expert in no time at all, thanks to author Rachel Low, who owns an adorable sewing studio for girls 7-14 in New York City called Pins &¬†Needles.

What I love about this book is that it starts with the basics — how to thread a machine, winding the bobbin, simple stitches — and moves into the more complex, like taking measurements and working with patterns. This way a child can work through the book and build more skills as she goes.

In fact, not every project even requires a sewing machine, so the book would be an excellent starting place for any girls who express an interest in sewing or DIY fashion, but aren’t sure if they should invest in a machine.

The Girls Guide to DIY Fashion Jeggings


The Girls Guide to DIY Fashion Skirts

A great new DIY book for girls from the owners of Pins & Needles NYC

There are so many fun design projects in the book, from flip flop embellishment to pompom necklaces, making¬†it such a great¬†gift for a creative tween. My only sticking point, is that it’s targeted specifically for girls. With amazing sewing tips that both boys and girls would enjoy, it’s a shame it can’t just be a general kids’ guide to sewing. After all, boys sew and design cool fashions, too. If they didn’t, we’d probably all have a lot fewer clothes hanging in our closets.

Know a girl who would be into DIY fashion projects? Get a copy of The Girl’s Guide to DIY Fashion by Rachel Low at¬†our affiliate, Amazon, or at your local indie bookseller.¬†

And if you’re in the NYC area, check out Pins & Needles NYC for classes for kids including a cool summer camp program.