We’re so happy to be back with our third #UnguiltyPleasures video episode! (Can you tell we’re having fun?) This time we’re talking about food. More specifically, the foods we love — but maybe we’re not supposed to love quite as much as we do. In other words, food confessions.

As parents, this can be such a guilt-laden topic. And as much as we like to consider ourselves to be pretty up on health and nutrition, we freely admit we like to indulge every now and then, whether it’s cereal for a snack (or um, dinner) or just eating peanut butter out of the jar with a spoon. We know we’re not the only ones.

Why does it taste so much better that way?

Helping us share our favorite unguilty pleasures with you is our sponsor Kindle Love Stories, who knows a little something about the topic. The same way not every dessert you eat has to be organic and packed with nutrients, not every book you enjoy needs to be a literary classic.  Hey, hot sexy stories you can download instantly can feed the soul in a whole different way. No feeling guilty about that one bit.

So here, we’re confessing to a few of our favorite indulgences which might surprise you — let alone our own children. Let’s just say we’re learning things about Kristen that we never knew before.


Want to come clean right along with us?  Share your own unguilty pleasures using the hashtag #UnguiltyPleasures on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram — we are where you are. Is there a food you crave a certain time of month? One eating habit that’s died hard from your own childhood? Some secret stash of something delicious you keep far out of reach of the kids? No guilt allowed: Share it with us.We’ll be resharing our own favorites of yours with our fans and followers, with the hopes that we can all start reclaiming those little joys in our lives, guilt-free, whatever they may be.

Hey, no judgments.

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