It’s “please drink more water, kids” season around here. But you know that feeling at the end of the day when there are little stacks of drinking glasses filling the dishwasher or sink because each of your kids was thirsty and used a new glass about eleven times that day and you can hardly bear to have to clean or put away every single one? Well the Kupp’ Kid Safe Drinking Glasses are about to solve my mess problems with the loveliest little drinking glasses ever.

Designed by a smart mom of three, the 6-ounce glass features a grippy, BPA-free silicone sleeve to keep the glass protected in hands –or when they’re tossed into sinks from just a little too high.

Kupp kid safe drinking glasses. The colors let each child pick her own and use it all day.

Kupp’ drinking glasses are designed to be a perfect post-breast-or-bottle first cup for a toddler; but looks like an adult drinking glass so it will last years beyond that and look nice on the table with the grownup dishware. And the best part about them is the idea that each child can choose a specific color from five options, all of them lovely and bright.  That means the kid knows just which glass to use for the rest of the day.

In my house, that would bring our glasses-to-wash count down to three from the usual thirty three. And reduce the number of fights over glasses to zero. I like those numbers.

Get your hands on some Kupp’ kid safe drinking glasses and end the pile of cups and glasses in the sink. But remember, get one for each kid. Might I suggest the handy Kupp’ 4-pack? Be aware they definitely cost more than your average toddler sippy cup. But hopefully they’ll be in use for many years after those are gone.

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