Believe it or not, the clock is already ticking for custom teacher gifts. School is ending within weeks for some kids (gah!) and, for better or for worse, we parents will soon realize just how deserving those teachers are of a really awesome gift. Luckily, we’ve found a simple, affordable one that’s way better than a Starbucks card and sure to be a hit with any teacher who comes into class each day with a coffee in hand.

Personalized Starbucks coffee cups from maevelymade on Etsy are so much fun but what we’re particularly impressed with, is that they were conceived of and designed by a 13-year-old girl! Clearly a star student.

She’s mainly personalizing the original BPA-free Starbucks cups with names, which look so cute that it would be a breeze to get one to suit every teacher. You can even customize it with her drink order on it.

Personalized Starbucks coffee cups made by a kid! Great teacher gift

For the really special teachers? Well, no one says we can’t throw an old faithful Starbucks card into the custom coffee cup, too. You know, for when the gift of getting to spend every hour of every day with our kids isn’t quite enough.

It looks like young Maeve has injured her hand, which means orders will take a little longer than usual, so if you know a teacher who needs one of these awesome personalized Starbucks coffee cups at the mavelymave Etsy shop, it’s best to order early. Like, right now.