Wow, is our email box and social media feed getting packed with parents stressing out about what to do with kids during downtime this summer. Seeing as how we can’t let kids play in the park by themselves without 8 “concerned” neighbors calling 911 (grrr…but that’s another post for another time), we’ve been actively seeking out fun crafts, projects, and educational activities that keep them busy until you can get out with them. Or even just let them have a little fun time indoor on a rainy or zillion percent humidity day.

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Now our friends at Cate + Levi, one of the pioneers in lovely upcycled puppets, dolls, and wearables for kids and babies have such a smart idea: Make-your-own stuffed animal kits and make-your-own puppet kits.

The stuffed animals are limited to dogs right now, each in their very own, super cute doghouse which, in its former life, was the package that it came in. Not surprising, considering the company’s commitment to eco-responsiblity since they were just a wee startup.

Cate + Levi's new make your own puppet kits for kids have everything you need

The puppets range from unicorns (my girls are begging for that one, of course) to giraffes, dogs and monkeys, each one one-of-a-kind because of they’re each made with high-quality pieces of reclaimed wool.

Mercifully, says this parent, each each kit comes with absolutely everything you need right down to the needle and thread, along with patterns and easy instructions. Just add imagination, and your kids will have plenty of that.

Puppet making kits for kids from Cate + Levi: giraffe, dog, monkey and unicorn!

unicorn puppets for kids: Buy them ready-made, or get the new make-your-own puppet kits from Cate + Levi

If you’re looking for more of a ready-made gift for a younger kid instead of a craft, also be sure to browse the site for tons of cool handmade puppets for kids. Like this unicorn. (Again with the unicorns, I know.)

But I think the kits are a fantastic little project for summer; bring one to a summer house rental, a weekend at the grandparents, or just stock up for easy birthday gifts. The kits are recommended for kids 7 and up, but I think that even younger kids would enjoy this craft with a little parental attention. Besides, what kid doesn’t love parental attention? Or crafts? Or animals? Or puppets? So yeah, we love this.

Find the make-your-own stuffed animal kits and make-your-own puppet kits online at Cate + Levi, plus tons of other cute, upcycled stuffed creatures for kids that make fantastic gifts. 

Photo @hgraff1 on Instagram via @cateandlevi