First, we need to thank you all so so much for being so supportive of our new podcast. To see it jump to #1 in the Kids + Family category on iTunes, well…we were floored. And we appreciate every one of the very nice reviews and ratings. Wow, we love our listeners.

Next: Don’t worry, no one got hurt in the making of our 2nd episode of SPAWNED with Kristen and Liz. Our headline is referring to our Cool Mom Eats Twitter bio that launched us into a whole discussion about parenting and pop culture and then, well, you’ll just need to listen to our second episode to get the whole picture. We’ve got all the links we discussed in our episode below.

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Every week, we’ll feature a post here (or you can click on our Podcast category) linking to all the articles, website, and other things we discussed in our podcast. Here are the links about the things we talk about in our second episode of SPAWNED with Kristen and Liz.


No need to take a hammer to your smartphone!


– The new study that came out in Forbes asking whether parents’ smart phone habits putting kids at risk on the playground. (Note: misleading headline.)

– We love all the responses to these types of articles, like Jennifer Hicks’ viral Dear Mom on the iPhone, You’re Doing Fine  and Parents on Playgrounds on Phones are the Worst People Ever, a hilarious post by Aaron Gouveia of Daddy Files.

Setting texting boundaries

– Here are the 5 things Kristen learned when she put away her phone around her  kids for a week

– Liz’s tip: Turn off social media app notifications to help deal with the “always-on” phenomenon. It’s easier than you think!

– The infamous Parents on Phones Tumblr.

6 delicious sheet pan recipes for easy cooking and even easier clean up

Kristen’s Cool Pick of the Week: 
Easy sheet pan meals on Cool Mom Eats, our newest site led by our fabulous food editor Stacie Billis.

Liz’s Cool Pick of the Week: Pomplamoose on YouTube. Couple Jack Conti and Natalie Dawn cover all kinds of songs, like Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go, September, plus some more modern stuff like All About that Bass.


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