Any woman who has recently given birth, like I have, has been there: Suddenly the baby is a few months old and you are finding yourself mentally ready to rejoin the other functioning members of society. There is just one problem… you have literally nothing to wear. Which means, time to look for post maternity clothing. Because with the extra [insert your own number here] pounds that are still clinging on¬†post baby, your favorite wardrobe pieces may seem like a distant dream and the overworn maternity clothes that do fit¬†are far less than appealing to you.

I think most moms like me want nothing more than few fresh new pieces to carry them through to pre-baby weight, or closer to at least. My post maternity clothing solution and your new best friend? The almighty tunic.

Here are 7¬†great post maternity tops¬†to cover what you don’t want seen, while letting you feel fabulous whether you are returning to work or running to the market, new baby in tow. Just throw on a pair of legging (my favorite reco below) and some¬†flats, sandals, or seasonally appropriate booties and you’re good to go year round.

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Uniqlo embroidered woven tunic
Woven Embroidery 3/4 Sleeve Blouse ($24.90 on sale at Uniqlo in black, white or navy)
This has been my favorite seasonal find yet: It’s a sweet, light-weight, slightly sheer¬†tunic that is warm-weather friendly. If you’re daring enough to wear the white go for it, but the black and navy are forgiving.


Zara embroidered tunic

Zara Embroidered Tunic ($39.99 now on sale at Zara online)
I find Zara¬†can be a magical place to find you new favorite trend pieces to splash up your look without shocking your wallet. The perfect time: That fourth trimester when you may not be wearing the clothes you buy then, forever. This sweet embroidered tunic is a perfect example of what they do well though no doubt I wouldn’t be showing that much thigh.

J. Crew factory chambray tunic
J. Crew Chambray Tunic ($49.50, on sale at J. Crew Factory)
Ok first, it’s J. Crew so right away I know I’ll like the quality.¬†Second, chambray? Yes please. Third, those buttons are going to come in mighty handy when it comes time to nurse the baby. Slip in on, roll up the sleeves, and take the family out in¬†style.


Artiza TNA Alder shirt
Artiza TNA Del Mar Shirt
Artiza Del Mar long sleeve tshirt, Artiza Alder T-shirt ($40, $17.50 on sale at Artiza)
This store has become my favorite go to for basics which is mostly what I wear. Their own TNA brand makes two of my must have tops these days. The Del Mar long sleeve tshirt which I may own in four colors and the wonderfully drapey Alder T-shirt. And no, you don’t have to look like the model here for it to look good on you.




J. Jill ballet sleeve tunic

J. Jill Ballet Sleeve Tunic ($59 at J. Jill)
Isn’t this the basic top you’ll totally live in? It’s simple, no fuss, does whatever you need it to¬†and is available in four neutral colors. You are welcome.

Eileen Fischer black elbow sleeve tunic

Eileen Fisher Scoop Neck Tunic ($138 at Eileen Fisher)
Eileen Fischer¬†— A.K.A.¬†the master of the well- made body-friendly¬†basic — has you covered with this classic, slimming, elbow length¬†sleeve top that you can dress up with just about anything. I love¬†that it’s great for women a little…sensitive about our upper arms, but keeps you from feeling totally covered up over the summer.

Psst…Don’t have a great pair of go-to leggings to match? I totally¬†recommend the Hue ultra wide waistband leggings¬†which are forgiving and oh so comfortable you will want to have multiple pairs so you can wear them as often as possible. Just $36¬†at Nordstrom.

Happy post baby shopping to you!